Figurative Language-How to Use Figurative Speech in English

In figurative language, the users of the language do not mean exactly what they say or write. In figurative speech in English, words are not used explicitly but are used implicitly. In simple words, it is very interesting that the meaning of the words is not taken as they seem. Rather, you have to look […]

Habits of Highly Effective Learners

Do you want to be a highly effective learner? Here are some habits of those people who are highly effective learners. You might have noticed that some people are learning tasks very rapidly and effortlessly. The fact behind their learning behavior is the unique habits that make them distinct among others. So, if you, too, […]

How to Improve Your English Language Skills

Here you can find the ways to improve your English language skills. Every second person wants to get proficiency in English, as it has become an acceptable and significant language widely. Even native speakers are searching for ways to reach perfection in the English language. The linguists have defined certain ways of learning the English […]

How to Learn the Arabic Language?

This blog will let you know tips for learning the Arabic language. Mainly, we focus on how to learn Arabic online. We also included the details of online Arabic courses that will help you learn Quranic Arabic in a better way. Most of the people are searching to learn the Arabic language. Because it is […]

English Language Reading Skills

This article will let you know the facts about English reading skills and their positive effects on your English language fluency. You can learn the ways to make your reading skills better and impressive. According to Bacon, “reading makes a ready man.” After improving your reading skills, you can find the hidden treasure inside the […]

Facts about Pashto-Pashto Language-Pashto Dialects

Facts about Pashto-Pashto Language-Pashto Dialects Here we unveiled some facts about Pashto that you should know. The Pashto language is one of the ancient languages that have been spoken and written in South Asia. People speak many Pashto dialects in Afghanistan and the provinces of Pakistan: Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). A short history of […]

How to become Online Language Tutor

How to become Online Language Tutor | Guide 2021 Today, knowing one language is not enough. Why? We live in a globalized world where we are required to communicate with people from other cultures. For instance, if you are in the UK, you will come across different cultures as people from the world overcome to […]

Why you should learn Pashto Online in 2021

Why you should learn Pashto Online in 2021 Learning a new language can open up a variety of new opportunities for people. Consider that you are a native English speaker who is learning French. Unknown to most people, French is spoken in numerous countries other than France. For instance, Belgium, Canada, and Luxemburg all have […]