Fiqh Short Course

Fiqh Short Course is Precisely  Designed For Those People who are Mostly Busy and Barely Can Spare out Time Once or Twice in a Week. This Course is Mighty, Comprehensive & Concise That Covers All The Topics.

Learn Fiqh(Jurisprudence)  From Expert, Experienced & Qualified  Online Fiqh Tutors via Skype According To your Convenient Timings & Days.

Why Learn Fiqh Online from An Online Fiqh Teacher?

Learning Fiqh Online is way better than All Other Methods of Learning Fiqh in Several Ways.

  1. No Admission Fee
  2. No Age Limit For Fiqh Lessons Online.
  3. Online Fiqh LessonWorks Worldwide via Skype with no other requirements.
  4. Convenient Timings and Days of Your Choice.
  5. Fiqh Tutorwith Your Choice Both Male & Female Fiqh Teacher.
  6. Fiqh  Lessons Are Delivered one 2 one that does not divide Teacher’s Attention or Concentration.
  7. Safe & Secure as You don’t need to Drive or Send your Kids To certain Place nor You have to Pay in Advance.

How Long Does Fiqh Lesson Last and What Does it Consist of?

Online Fiqh Lesson Lasts 30 Minutes. Initial Lesson consists of Fiqh Introduction, Kinds of Fiqh, How & When it was Developed?  As It goes Head It Consists of Basic Fiqh Rules and How They are Derived From From Quran, Hadith, Ijma(Consensus) & Qiyas(Analogy) &  How can we Apply Fiqh in Our Practical Life?, It also Covers The Opinions of All Maslak with Their Arguments & Proofs About Our Daily Masail and  also Gives A Preferred View on Masail.

In Addition, The Summary of Lessons is Always Sent via Whatsapp in An Audio Form That Helps Fiqh Learners to Go Through the Lesson thoroughly.

We also Have a Student-Teacher Interactive Web Panel Which Keeps The Record Of All Fiqh Lessons, Lesson Timings, No of Lessons, Teacher’s Availability  & Student’s Punctuality including Daily Fiqh Lessons SummaryFiqh Tests & Exams & Important Notifications.

What Should I Do if My Kid or I want to Learn Fiqh Online?

Learning Fiqh Online is as simple as an  ABC. All You need to do is to Fill The Form and Choose The Relative Fiqh  Course from Offered Islamic Courses and Have The  Best Online  Male or Female Fiqh Teacher For Kids or Yourself with More than 5 Years Experience of Teaching Fiqh Online & in Person. Not only this but you will Also Get Free All Resources of  Fiqh &  A Series of Fiqh Books written By Authentic  Expert Islamic Scholars That includes Mukhtasaul Qurdoori, Hidaya & Alwajeez.