Do you want to be a highly effective learner? Here are some habits of those people who are highly effective learners. You might have noticed that some people are learning tasks very rapidly and effortlessly. The fact behind their learning behavior is the unique habits that make them distinct among others.

So, if you, too, want to be a quick learner, you have to adapt certain traits. To make your learning process fluent, we present you with those habits which can be helpful at your end.

Plan your learning

Before learning a task, gather some essential information to evaluate yourself that on which level you are.  Ask these questions, and then answer yourself.

 With these questions, you will find a way to start your journey. It will help you in planning properly.

Don’t fear risk

If you aim to count yourself on the list of highly effective learners, you have to avoid the fear of failure and take the risk. Sometimes, you would fear that if you spoke, people would laugh at you. This is the point where you fail to achieve your goals. Successful learners do not care about what people would say.

Learn from your mistake

You can become a good learner if you commit a mistake and then learn from it. Effective learner take risks, make an error and then try to overcome these errors by practicing more perfectly and tirelessly. So, you should also learn from your mistakes to meet the best version of yourself.

Ask questions in the class

If you are in an English language learning class, then ask questions frequently. It will show that you are taking an interest in the class and your task. Ask such types of questions that could be helpful for your other peers, too. Make sure that in the class, you also respond positively when the teacher asks questions. You should attend the class attentively.


The most repeated and important habit of effective learners is doing practice. For mastering the art of listening, speaking, reading, and writing the English language, you need to practice.

Listen carefully to English news, speeches, debates, and watch English movies, animations, and dialogues sessions to practice listening. Similarly, to practice speaking, arrange speaking hours with your friends, and speak no other language but English in that duration. To enhance your writing skills, you should practice daily writing paragraphs on different topics. Read newspapers, novels, and storybooks to enhance your reading skills.

Monitor your performance

Evaluate and monitor your performance on a weekly basis. Make a chart and mark your improvement every next week. You should check your version in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

After you find an area you are weaker in, next week, focus on improving that area. For example, you do all good buy your pronunciation is not developed yet. So, record your sound and try to fix them.

For vocabulary building, note ten difficult words every day, and then conjugate them to know the meaning and uses of those words which you have noted down.


No one is perfect at learning anything new, especially a second language. But, you can become a highly effective learner of any language if you are determined to learn. You must embed the above habits in your character to overcome the problems which you face in learning the English language. is a platform where you can learn English, Arabic, Pashto, and Urdu. With online classes of languages, you can also know the solution for the problems that you have in learning a new language.