How to become Online Language Tutor | Guide 2021

Today, knowing one language is not enough. Why? We live in a globalized world where we are required to communicate with people from other cultures. For instance, if you are in the UK, you will come across different cultures as people from the world overcome to the UK in search of better opportunities and education. Similarly, if you are a professional, knowing multiple languages is always a plus point. It can help you land a better job or a promotion.

For instance, imagine that you are working for a multinational that operates in US and France. The Head of Marketing is responsible for the US & the French market. Therefore, if you know the French language, not only can you land the job but also carry out your desired strategies effectively. If there is a language barrier, you will find it challenging to execute your strategies in a manner you see fit. While knowing multiple languages is awesome, there is one other thing that you can do – become a language tutor.

Becoming a language tutor is easy. All that you need is a good control over the language and a few other things that we will now list. Pay attention because language tutors are in high demand these days. You might not know this but there are increased Google searches for ‘languages tutor USA’. You might find a high paying client from the US. Due to the coronavirus and several other reasons including security, we recommend that you become an online languages tutor. You can teach from the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

Becoming a Language Tutor

Here are the things that you need to do to become an online language tutor:

Selecting the Language

Suppose that you have excellent command over two languages – English (native) and French (2nd language). In this case, you need to decide which language you will teach to others. How? Well, it comes down to preferences and cost-benefit analysis. More people are interested in learning English. Thus, you can easily find a lot of clients. Apart from this, it is your native language. Thus, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort. On the other hand, French is a widely spoken language. You can find clients for it. If you select it, you can also improve your grip on it. Whatever you decide, we recommend that you give it a serious thought.

Selecting the Medium

Now, it is time for you to select the medium on which you will teach. It is better to have a professional website for this website. If you are not in favor of a professional website, you can set up a social media page. Other than this, you will have to decide whether you will teach through audio, recorded lessons, or sessions on Skype or any other such application. If you plan to do live classes, you will need proper equipment which includes a webcam/camera, microphone, laptop, and high-speed internet connection. If you are planning to become an online languages tutor and work from home, you will need the right office equipment.

Determine the Fee

Logically, the next step is to determine the fees you will charge from the students. It can be a pay per use model, lump-sum, monthly, or any other model that you see fit. Keep in mind that you must include the cost of the internet, electricity, and other things in the fees. Otherwise, you might be turning loss after loss.

Build Lesson Plans

You need to build the lessons plans for the students. You can create your own or use the ones that are widely available on the internet. These lesson plans are just basic documents. You must tweak them and add other things depending on the student’s requirements, learning aptitude, and preferred mode of study. Some students learn better through video, while others prefer more hands-on exercises. So, you need to ask the students which method they prefer and develop lesson plans accordingly.

Offer your Pitch

You can use social media and personal contacts to let everyone know that you have now become an online languages tutor. Ask them to refer clients and wait patiently for your first client.


Contact the other tutors and learn from their experiences. Do not get too overconfident about your skills. Plus, talking to other tutors can help you learn from them and find out new ways to become an even more effective online languages tutor.

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