Moiz Khan Yusufzai

Date : May 17, 2017
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Great, Very Patient, Determined & Cheap

Mohsin is a great person, you can just tell by the way he takes his time to teach you untill you understand it. He just does not say this is how its done, he will ask you to say it with him so he knows you getting it. If you dont understand you can take all your time until you get it.I asked few instructors about the hourly rate and it was $25 which i calculated that i will take 4 a week atleast for progress which equalls $100 and $400 for the month. This brother only asked for less then half of that for the month.Before you can even think about paying him he gives you over 1 hour of free trial with him so you feel comfortable. At the end, I think he is a very great teacher

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Mohsin Ali

I am a professional teacher, both online and offline, for the past four years. My experience is in Arabic,(Classical and Modern Standard) Pashto, Urdu, and Islamic Studies. My accent and grasp of the English language are excellent. I am serious about my courses, but I am easy going and have a good sense of humour. My students are men and women, of all ages, from around the world. Over the years I have developed my own tutorials, which I will supply to you as needed. Further, on this site, you will find feedback/testimonials from my students, as a reference. If you are interested in learning, I am anxious to teach. Please visit me for your first trial lesson, free of cost. look forward to meeting you.


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