Date : May 17, 2017
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Great Teacher

Mohsin Ali is a personable and extremely skilled teacher. He is dedicated to his teachings and is very flexible with the lessons for his students. Mohsin is very accommodating to his student’s needs. During my first lessons he was very helpful with getting things set up and getting me started. I was a bit hesitant about it at first but it is a great program and you learn very quickly from the very beginning. The lessons run smoothly and he provides material to use on one’s own, to study from. Mohsin is a great teacher and you would be very pleased with his lessons and the results you get

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Mohsin Ali

I am a professional teacher, both online and offline, for the past four years. My experience is in Arabic,(Classical and Modern Standard) Pashto, Urdu, and Islamic Studies. My accent and grasp of the English language are excellent. I am serious about my courses, but I am easy going and have a good sense of humour. My students are men and women, of all ages, from around the world. Over the years I have developed my own tutorials, which I will supply to you as needed. Further, on this site, you will find feedback/testimonials from my students, as a reference. If you are interested in learning, I am anxious to teach. Please visit me for your first trial lesson, free of cost. look forward to meeting you.


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