Why you should learn Pashto Online in 2021

Learning a new language can open up a variety of new opportunities for people. Consider that you are a native English speaker who is learning French. Unknown to most people, French is spoken in numerous countries other than France. For instance, Belgium, Canada, and Luxemburg all have a considerable French-speaking population. It is also one of the official languages of the UN. In other words, a language like French can help you land a better job.

It is not just French that can prove to be a game-changer. There are tonnes of other languages that can do the same. One of them is Pashto. What most people fail to realize is that Pashto is not just confined to Afghanistan. Instead, it is spoken in Pakistan too. Apart from this, there a considerable number of Pakistani and Afghan immigrants worldwide, especially in the Middle East. Therefore, if you know Pashto, you can connect with people in many parts of the world.

If you have made up your mind to learn Pashto, it is indeed a great choice. Instead of looking for an offline languages tutor, we recommend that you learn Pashto online. Why? It is precisely what we plan on discussing in this article.



Depending on where you live, you might not have access to a languages tutor that can teach you Pashto. In that case, the best thing to do is to learn Pashto online. There are numerous online languages tutors that can teach you quickly.


Opting for an offline language tutor can set you back by a considerable amount. For example, consider that you live in Toronto, Canada, where there is only one language tutor that can teach you Pashto. Imagine how much that tutor will charge you, knowing well that you have no other option. In the case of online language tutors, there are a lot of choices and competition. Hence, the rates are quite reasonable.


Learning Pashto online means that you can access the best language tutors from anywhere. As there are so many online tutors, you can select the one that meets your learning style, budget, timings, and any other requirements. In the case of an offline language tutor, you might not have a lot of choices. Hence, you might have to learn from someone that is not in line with your style. The result? You will take longer to learn the language and might not be able to speak/understand it fluently even after spending considerable resources.


If you are learning Pashto from an offline language tutor, it can be quite inconvenient. How? You need to be there at the time that has been set. There might be situations where the timing conflicts with your work or study schedule. Secondly, you need to spend money on conveyance. Thirdly, travelling to and from the tutor’s place can tire you out. In the case of an online languages tutor, you can learn Pashto at a convenient time for you. Also, you can learn it from the comfort of your home or the workplace.

Record Lessons

If you are learning a language in-person, you might have trouble recalling an earlier lesson. It can impact your ability to learn. In the case of online lessons, you can record each session (do ask for permission before recording). Once recorded, you can review the session as many times as possible. It will certainly help you learn a language quickly.

Wrap Up

Learning Pashto online is one of the best things to do right now. Learning this language can help you obtain a position in the UN and other agencies working in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Even if you have a good job, learning a new language is always a good way to improve yourself.