Learn the

Arabic Language

Join us for fast track Arabic language learning experience by our most sought out tutors in your chosen time slots. Have the convenience of learning both the Modern Standard Arabic as well as the classical one.

Why Should I Learn Arabic Online?

Online education is the simplest method to learn the Arabic language as it reduces the need to attend a conventional school or academy. We have further streamlined the learning experience with self-paced courses so that you can set a timetable according to your routine. continue learning a language besides your day job or degree, or any other commitments. We offer you;

  • One to one classes for fast track learning
  • Male and female Arabic Language Tutor
  • Various time slots to choose from
  • No admission fee to worry about
  • No expensive syllabus to buy
  • Audio recordings of all the classes you attend
  • Focus on Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

Our Arabic Language Tutor delivers your lesson on a purpose-built learning management system to keep a track of your participation and progress. You can evaluate your progress at any time by the lessons taken, taught time, and exams given. 

How Long Does A Arabic Lesson Last?

In general, an Arabic language class takes 30 to 40 minutes. However, our Arabic Language Tutor is capable enough of recognizing the time a learner may take in grasping difficult words, grammar rules, or sentence structure so that your time is given for the said lessons.

How To Set off A Journey From Arabic Grammar To Spoken Arabic through Contents of Arabic Lessons?

We let you initiate the journey to Learn Arabic Online from the basics and gradually increase the difficulty level. Arabic grammar is equally significant for learners of the Standard and Classical Arabic Language. However, spoken Arabic is more a kind of conversational that does not require a learner to be the master of grammar. So the lessons are a blend of grammar and speaking skill practices to prepare you for them both.

What Should I Do if I want to Learn Arabic Online?

Arabic language is grand and has a great variety. If you want to learn Arabic Online, you must evaluate the variety you would like to discover. For example, the Arabic spoken in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is different than that of the UAE and Egypt. Once you decide the kind of language variety and the purpose of pursuing it, you can start with the basics and seek an Arabic Language Tutor. He or she can help you explore different learning resources and teach you how to use the dictionary. Start practicing each lesson that you take and never stop learning.