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Languages Tutor

Professional online language tutor have 13+ years of experience
in teaching at both offline and Online Platforms. The best languages
Tutor which has been providing Languages & Islamic Studies Tuition
Worldwide Online at best value.

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Learn Languages online

Our experienced tutors can help you understand foreign languages 24/7.
We have expert tutors for the Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, and English languages.
Professional tutors will help you to improve your writing, speaking skills.

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Learn Islamic Courses

Join hundreds of other students already learning Quran. Various Islamic courses
that we offer to learn online. Tafseer Ul Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Quran Reading, and
Special Courses for New/Revert Muslims. Learn Islamic courses online contact now.

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Verified Tutors

We have a team of certified language tutors who have 10 years of experience. They will teach you in a very professional way, will help you to make your fluency faster.

Learn Languages online From Qualified Tutors

Languages Tutor is An Online Registered Platform for Availing Languages (Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, English Tuition & Translation). All Islamic Courses (Quran Reading, Basic & Advanced Tafsir, Basic & Advanced Hadith, and Basic & Advanced Fiqh) Through Its the Most Talented, Patient, Qualified & Experienced Male & Female Tutors. 

Basic Islamic Courses

We are one of the leading online Quran Teachers, to teach you in a way you can understand. Join hundreds of other students already learning Quran. Various Islamic courses that we offer to learn online.

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What People Say About US!

Look no further! He’s teaching Look no further! He’s teaching my son how to speak pashto and he’s simply amazing! Structured teaching!

Shahid Durrani From: Canada

Great, Very Patient, Determined & Cheap Mohsin is a great person, you can just tell by the way he takes his time to teach you untill you understand it. He just does not say this is how its done, he will ask you to say it with him so he knows you getting it.

Moiz Khan Yusufzai From: Brampton, Canada

Mohsin was an amazing teacher. He was very patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Learning Pashto with Mohsin was very enjoyable and I would recommend anyone to use him. Thanks Mohsin for such wonderful lessons and increasing my DLPT score to passing!

Brittney Wear From: United States