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Urdu Language

Avail an exciting opportunity of learning the Urdu Language from the native speakers to have the fluency in speaking and writing you have dreamt for. Set timing and schedule to learn the Urdu Language at your pace.

Why Should I Learn Urdu Online?

Getting an online education is a new norm as it reduces the hustle of attending physical classes, bearing the commute, and paying heavy fees to the colleges and university. Above all, finding a native Urdu Language Tutor is itself a challenge where Urdu is a foreign language. Among a few of the Urdu speakers, you may hardly find someone who has familiarity with its accurate and fluent usage.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, whereas India is considered a second home to it. Apart from these two regions which were, in fact, one before partition, Urdu is widely spoken in the USA, Canada, Middle East and other countries by the immigrants moved from Pakistan or India. Are you also fond of Urdu poetry and other literary genres to read and get inspired? Do you want to seek native-like fluency in Urdu despite living in a foreign country? You should learn Urdu online as it seems to be the ultimate solution for your learning needs. Our tutoring services offer you;

  • One to one class sessions for quick learning
  • Male and female Urdu Language Tutor
  • Class day and time at your schedule
  • No Admission Fees, No Books
  • Audio recordings to lesson revisions
  • Focusing all 4 skills Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing


How Long Does A Urdu Lesson Last?

Each lesson in the Urdu language lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. The time limit is for usual class sessions, however, the time extends for complex and technical lessons where a learner requires more time to understand the concepts.

How To Set off A Journey From Arabic Grammar To Spoken Arabic through Contents of Arabic Lessons?

The journey towards learning the Urdu Language online starts from the basic grammar rules. However, spoken language skills are more focused on remembering short and crisp sentences to ensure fluency. So, Urdu grammar is taught for the elimination of errors while spoken Urdu removes the hesitation of the learning.

Our well-designed road map to learn the Urdu language online takes you on a step-by-step journey. It is accompanied by our state-of-the-art learning management system that keeps track of your progress by the number of lessons you attend against the quizzes and tests you pass. 

What Should I Do if I want to Learn Urdu Online?

Find an experience Urdu Language Tutor who has a command of the different varieties of Urdu language so that he or she can teach you the version you aim to learn and understand. The variety of Urdu spoken in Pakistan is considering purer and widely accepted because there are various writers and poets from Pakistan contributing to the language. Get to know your purpose and communicate it to the tutor, and ask for the course plan. If you are in doubt, please feel free to reach us out and we will assist you with the course plan and content as we have exceptionally talented tutors with regional experience to teach you with textual and literal meaning.