Learn the

Pashto Language

Language is the roadmap of a culture. You learn to explore the rich culture of a region and its inhabitants. We bring you an exciting opportunity to learn the Pashto language for communication with the locals of Pakistan and Afghanistan or studying the Pashto media content produced by prominent media groups such as BBC Pashto, VOA, etc. Learn Pashto at your own pace. 

Why Should I Learn Pashto Online?

The traditional method of learning the Pashto language is time-consuming and cumbersome. It starts with finding a local school, asking tutor’s availability, waiting for the courses to starts, and then driving to and from the school every single day. Online Pashto language tutor simplifies it to a gadget and a communication application like Skype or Zoom. Take classes from the comfort of your home with all your preferences. What you avail:

  • One to one classes with focused learning
  • Choose among male or female Pashto teachers
  • Set class day and timing of your convenience
  • Neither pay Admission Fee nor Buy Books
  • Audio recordings of class lectures to study later as well
  • Improve Pashto Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing


You are provided with a purpose-built learning management system that tracks the progress and punctuality of both the learner and the teacher. Access all the recorded lessons, the time, and the number of lessons you take. Make the most out of Pashto language learning resources like lesson summaries, tutorials, tests, quizzes, and exams.

How Long Does A Pashto Lesson Last?

Each lesson of Pashto language class lasts from 30 to 40 minutes, however, there is no hard and fast rule on the session length as we sought the learning of a student. Learners are given extra time in understanding complex linguistic elements.

How to Set off A Journey From Pashto Grammar To Spoken Pashto through Contents of Pashto Lessons?

Our Online Pashto Language tutors have an intriguing roadmap to follow so your journey to learning Pashto grammar and spoken language is set with interesting and fun-filled content. You are started with the basic vocabulary and sentence structures and gradually taken to advanced grammar rules. The continuous practice of learning and memorizing short sentences improves your fluency as speaking skill is less likely to follow the standard grammar rule. Your trial, error, and corrections make you jot down sentences on your own. 


What Should I Do if I want to Learn Pashto Online?

Search for a native Pashto Language tutor, who has experience and command of the major dialects such as Afghanistan Pashto and Pakistani Pashto. Discuss your purpose in learning the Pashto language so that he or she can choose topics and lessons accordingly. Unable to decide? Call us and talk to one of our tutors for a brief course description and learning outcomes as we are teaching Pashto for more than 9 years now.