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Learn Pashto both Spoken Pashto (Afghani Pashto & Pakistani Pashto with Both Dialects) & Pashto Media Language (used in Pashto BBC, VOA etc.) from A Pashto Tutor Online over the Skype according to your convenient timings & Days.

1.Languages Tutor is an Online Interactive Platform For People All over the World with No Age Limit Where Students.

2. Can Learn Quran and All Quran Courses with Tajweed.

3. Can Learn Languages(Pashto,Urdu,Arabic,English).

4. Can Learn Darse Nizame(All Islamic Studies Courses)

5. Can Learn Sciences and ICT

6. Can Avail Short Courses in vacation and on Holidays.

7. Can Avail Languages Translation & Interpretation Services.

There are a lot of Ways to Send The Payment as Follow.

1. Western Union

2. Xoom

3. Money Gram

4. Wire 5. PayPal

All the Tutorials are Free of Cost

1. 24 / 7 / 365 Friendly Customer Support.

2. Highly Flexible Timings to suit your Needs i.e 24 Hrs

3. Qualified, Experienced and Trained Male / Female Tutors.

4. 1 to 1 Teaching with full attention & devotion.

5. Frequent Test System to Ensure Effective Learning.

6. There is no limit of Age.

7. Training is offered in multiple languages

8. Satisfaction Guaranteed.9. We have more Than 150 Satisfied Clients

Online Lessons Last 30 to 35mins and We make sure to cover the Topic in This Duration.If it does not It can Last even longer till The Topic is covered.

It is very Simple & Easy. All You need to is to Register Yourself or Whatsapp Your Contact Details with Us or Email Us or Add Us to Your Skype. We will Set up Lessons Plan For You According to Your Convenient Timings. We will Provide You Free All Tuturials Related to The Course. We Prefer Skype For Lessons or We can Discuss the Alternative.

It is 100% Secure and Safe. This Could Be Known From Our Clients’ Testimonials. In Addition,You Don’t Need to Pay in Advance. Pay Only when the Lessons are Delivered and You are Satisfied.

Discount on 3 Months Advance Booking

Discount on 6 Months Advance Booking

Discount on 1 Year Advance Booking

Discount for Group Lesson