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Learn Pashto both Spoken Pashto (Afghani Pashto & Pakistani Pashto with Both Dialects) & Pashto Media Language (used in Pashto BBC, VOA etc.) from A Pashto Tutor Online over the Skype according to your convenient timings & Days.

Look no further! He’s teaching Look no further! He’s teaching my son how to speak pashto and he’s simply amazing! Structured teaching!
Shahid Durrani
I had the pleasure of I had the pleasure of studying under Mohsin in person. His knowledge of the language and culture coupled with his ability to articulate in English made him the most capable instructor/tutor I have ever met. His methods for developing speaking skills and fluency were especially helpful. I learned more from Mohsin in one month than
New York United States
Mohsin was an amazing teacher. Mohsin was an amazing teacher. He was very patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Learning Pashto with Mohsin was very enjoyable and I would recommend anyone to use him. Thanks Mohsin for such wonderful lessons and increasing my DLPT score to passing!
Brittney Wear
United States
I studied Pushto (written and I studied Pushto (written and spoken) with Mohsin. I found him to be a knowledgable and patient tutor. It is not easy to find instruction in Pushto and Mohsin is able to offer a range of Pushto, Arabic and Urdru language services well. The atmosphere in the teaching sessions is good.
Muscat, Oman
Mohsin has really helped me develop my native tongue in Pashto. I have no doubt benefited from the lessons, this is mainly due to the fun he implements into the lesson that makes the learning easier. Also the unique abitity he has to break down the language and feed it bit by bit is atonishing
Babur Latif
I was so impressed with Mr. Ali’s teaching methods over the internet and phone that I had to get a class face to face. His unique conjunction involvement teaching methods are unheard off and aided me in picking up Urdu in no time. I flew all the way to Nepal to get a class
Murat elahi
Virginia , USA
I am a heritage Urdu speaker and originally scored a L-2/R-0 on the DLPT and a 2 on the OPI. I reached out to Mohsin to learn how to read and write Urdu. Mohsin used the first lesson to gauge my level and then developed a training plan that would get me to my goal.
S Khan
Washington DC
Great, Very Patient, Determined & Cheap Mohsin is a great person, you can just tell by the way he takes his time to teach you untill you understand it. He just does not say this is how its done, he will ask you to say it with him so he knows you getting it.
Moiz Khan Yusufzai
Brampton Canada
Great Teacher Mohsin Ali is a personable and extremely skilled teacher. He is dedicated to his teachings and is very flexible with the lessons for his students. Mohsin is very accommodating to his student’s needs. During my first lessons he was very helpful with getting things set up and getting me started.
Annapolis United States
Excellent one-on-one teacher Mohsin is a highly skilled and effective teacher who dedicates time and effort to the teaching process. He is very flexible in the timing of his classes and willing to give you as many lessons as you’d like if he is able to
Cape Town South Africa
Great Teacher Mohsin is a highly experienced teacher, who can teach any student according to their needs and levels. He is not only greatly dedicated to his students but has tremendous patience to explain until the student completely grasps the ideas.He very understanding and flexible as far as finances go. I highly recommend him.
Hira Ghumman
Brooklyn United States
DO NOT miss out on lessons from Moshin. Moshin is the second arabic teacher I had, the first I spent approximately 40 hours with and what I learnt with Moshin in the first 4 hours I found to be more beneficial than 20 hours with my first teacher. He simplifies learning, I was having trouble.
Melbourne Austraila
Brilliant teacher. I have had lessons from various teachers, Pashto is not an easy language to learn or to teach, I have been learning Pashto for a year, but gave up last year due to lack of good teachers and money.Mohsin has changed this, he is an excellent teacher, the best teacher so far,
Safia Saleem
United Kingdom
Excellent and Satisfying Teacher Sir Mohsin is a very good teacher. I had a very satisfying experience as his student. He is very proficient in the language that he teaches and has a strong grasp over his teaching. He charged me very reasonably and according to my financial condition. A humble and an excellent mentor,
Raffay Ahmed Khan
Islamabad Pakistan
Tremendous teacher. Great listener with a positive attitude. I am an actor, working on a play in NY, in which I need to speak several lines of Pashto. Mohsin helped me with the correct phonetic pronunciation and translation of the lines. Extremely helpful. I recommend him highly.
Jeremy Davidson
New York United States
Very good Teacher, and Patient! 🙂 Mohsin is a very good teacher. He is very patient, and is very good at explaining to you things that are hard to understand. He is very detailed in curriculum. And is very understanding, and is willing to work with you as much as you need so that you.
Khadija Bawazir
Minneapolis United States
Mohsin Ali is an excellent instructor. He is very effective and patient. I need a lot of help with learning to say the words correctly. He is helping me with that. And I understand. That is the great thing. I take a class at my local community college, but it is all in Arabic with.
Karen Funk
Columbus United States
Mohsin is a very effective, systematic in his approach, and very very patient. I got in touch with Mohsin to prepare for a test of Pashtu conversation/comprehension. In few sessions I can actually understand, and compose sentences, learned the sentence structure, and grammar. We also practiced pronunciation, and culturally proper phrases.
Framingham United States
First class tutor! I needed some refresher classes and luckily I found Mohsin. He is quite simply excellent: friendly, helpful and a great teacher. Once he knew my level and what I wanted, he created a lesson plan for me. We cover spoken conversation, reading and listening comprehension. In each lesson.
London United Kingdom
Mohsin is an AMAZING teacher!! I am a new muslim and I wanna learn arabic to read and understand the Qur’an fluently without needing the translations and otherwise I also wanna be able to communicate with my native arabic friends. I have been having about 10 lessons now, definitely more than 10 hours
Great teacher – recommended!! I was skeptical about how this would work at first as I would have preferred face-to-face instruction. However, the method of using Skype and other Internet resources is really effective and Mohsin is not only a great teacher but a good friend also.
Englefield Green United Kindom
Good teacher Mohsin is a great teacher and very patient. He helped me alot with my Arabic. InshaAllah I may go with him again.
Dani Barakat
Professional and friendly I have just started Pashto lessons with Mr Mohsin Ali, my experience with him so far is positive. He is enthusiastic about his subject, and this positive attitude shows in his lessons. Pashto is not a straightforward language, but I am confident that with Mr Ali’s help I will make good progress.
Aberdeen United Kingdom
Highly Recommended Teacher Mohsin is an excellent teacher and can pick up immediately which method works best for his students. I’ve tried learning Arabic on my own but it seemed boring and impossible. However, with the help of Mohsin I’ve realized Arabic can actually be pretty fun and an easy language to learn.
Atlanta United States
Very Good and Patient teacher Mohsin has been a very good and patient teacher. He is teaching me the grammar and structures of the Arabic language that I never learned from other teachers. His knowledge of the Arabic language is quite good and his English is also very good so he can.
Dave Wallace
Houston United States
I am a beginner in Urdu Learning & just started my lessons with Mohsin Ali sb. He responds immediately to my e-mails and also provided me with other study material. Giving an excellent rating.
Charlotte United States
Mohsin is a master Having Mohsin as a language teacher is a real privilege. His lessons are professionally structured and he has a friendly, patient and easy going manner. His english is immaculate in its own right and it would seem he knows more about the formalities of the english language fundamentals.
Perth Australia
Very good teacher Moshin ali is a very good teacher very calm and friendly he teaches at a very high speed unlike other teachers who drag on the lesson to make extra money he is very cheap and its amazing how much ive learnt with in just 5 hours.
United Kingdom Bradford
Patient, Professional, and Dependable. I was hesitant to do the distant learning. I contacted a few teachers and settled with Mohsin for two reasons: he gave me an introductory lesson, without ever mentioning anything about me paying for it, and secondly, he is the most patient teacher I have yet to have.
Dori Samadzai Bonner
United States Woodbridge